How all this came to be...Edit

May, 2013, on a site once known and still is, called Sploder. It is a level editor site where you make your own adventures and stuff. But that day became something special... up rose Bananaman24.


Now, succes didn't come straight away. Bananman24's first game was The black hole. It was a great 5-level game. So then it became a series until he created the lessons series. But when he reached level 10, he started going to level 20 to make the group now known the banana army.

Making the groupEdit

So then he made it. He started gathering the elite members below:

  • Bananaman24
  • Cheeseman35
    Symbol small

    The sploder symbol of the banana army

  • JjStAr
  • Cruzza20

And got them to spread the news. Then many, many more came to join the now infamous group. So then he started a forum site where people post topics about so and so. Here is the original symbol------------------------------------------------>

So now the rest of the story is still being written now.

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